Industrial strength and long base real world tough. Pile on the clothes – this heavy-duty rack can take it! You don’t have time to mess around with a rolling garment rack that will tip, tilt, buckle or break. Some racks on wheels claim to be able to withstand the weight of two rows, but eventually give way to the pressure. Our Z rack safely holds two racks of clothing by placing them on top of each other, centering the weight. And everything about this Z-Rack is Quality Fabricators® Heavy Duty, from the wheels to the uprights. Its ideal for your shop, business, or home storage needs.

Famous for their innovative Z-Rack garment rack design, Quality Fabricators has 25 years of experience creating strong, quality racks to address your merchandise handling requirements. Z-Racks feature Z-shaped bases that nest together for easy, compact storage when not in use. Based in Kennesaw, GA, Quality Fabricators guarantees prompt delivery and excellent customer service. By providing “organization on wheels,” the company satisfies the equipment needs of the apparel retail, distribution, manufacturing, and fabric care industries.


  • 48″ Long
  • 84″ Tall
  • Double Rail-Horizontal Rails are adjustable height
  • Great for air drying team uniforms

Places of use:

  • Retail Sales
  • Replenishment
  • Distribution
  • Dry Cleaning Racks
  • Commercial Laundry Racks
  • Band Uniform Racks
  • Costume Racks
  • Choir Robe Racks
  • Bridal Gown Racks

Even homeowners are now finding out the benefits of having a “Z” Rack for seasonal storage, additional closet space, or as a rack for hanging garments and sorting in their laundry rooms.