Texon Towel’s 20″ x 30″ Drawcord Laundry Bag is one of our best sellers. Also called Drawstring Laundry Bag. Made of 100 percent breathable nylon, and holds up to three loads of laundry (approximately 60 pounds). The nylon laundry bag is a brightly colored and comes in a number of popular team colors. The mesh bag is a great alternative to rubber closures, nets pins and zipper closures. Texon Towel’s Mesh Drawcord Laundry Bags are designed for washing clothing and linens without removing articles from the bag.

Our quality double-stitched laundry bags are made from durable polyester leno-weave wide mesh. The standard size laundry bag is 20″ x 30″ with a stitched in drawstring. The mesh bag includes a double stitched attached ID tag to write a team players name in permanent marker. Texon Towel’s Mesh Drawcord Laundry Bags allow for secure closure by athletes and is as easy to use as pins or drawstrings. Bags are made from durable polyester leno-weave wide mesh. White color is slightly more economical than color choices.

Its nylon construction helps to protect your clothes from the elements and easily transport the team jersey’s for laundry. The meshes durability makes it rip and tear resistant. It also has a locking drawstring closure so you never have to worry that it will open and spill out your laundry items. These large professional sports laundry bags are machine washable, meaning you can reuse them over and over again. If it get’s soiled, simply add it to the laundry when it needs cleaning. It’s an ideal bag for college, dorm and sports team at home or travel.