Texon Towel 20″ x 30″ Commercial Net Mesh Laundry Bag with Rubber Locking Closure helps protect mops, microfiber pads, sports uniforms and other cleaning items during laundering. It is great for washing mop heads in a commercial or industrial setting. Utilizes Traditional Single-Hole Rubber Closure-Insures that bag is sealed tight. 3 hole closures can be ordered, but 1 hole are recommended by our clients.

Heavy Duty 4″ x 6″ I.D. patch for permanent marker. Sewn on all four sides, lower bottom of bag, or hanging patch (flag) optional. The closure can be attached to the bag, thus preventing the tie from being lost. The laundry bag is made of synthetic  8600 polyester mesh material. Mesh material allows for items to breathe, which keeps dampness and odors away. Most standard colors available.

  • Heavy Duty Sewn Triple Stitching
  • Locker Hanging Loop
  • Apex USA 7mm Mesh-Heavy Weight Mesh
  • Two-color combinations bags available as custom option
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Non-slip grip
  • The closure will not stain clothing under any conditions
  • Closure will not cause any damage to washer or dryer
  • Closure will not increase noise level
  • Made with quality in the USA!