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Laundry Straps-Loops  Your Gear & Locks Your Socks too!

Texon Towel laundry straps assist equipment managers and coaches to keep uniforms sorted while they wash and dry. The loops aid with a fast, efficient way to manage laundry for teams and groups. Texon Towel’s laundry straps with alligator clips utilizes strong teeth to hold socks with a firmness not found in other loops to date. Straps can save you drying time and increase efficiency! Durable custom sublimation ID tags allow for school logos and numbers, and or names!

  • Laundry Loops Straps Black 2 Laundry Collar Double Alligator Clip
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  • Laundry Collar Alligator Clips Laundry Collar Alligator Single Clip
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