We care about what happens after you receive your towels. You are considered to be the most important part of our business, and we are very interested in your over-all “towel health.” That’s why it’s essential to offer some suggestions on the care and wise use of your towels, even before you remove them from the package.

Cotton Towels

In order to reduce freight cost, some of our towels have been compressed. Please WASH and DRY BEFORE putting them into service. They will fluff beautifully! Follow the instructions listed on the towel label. Bleach could damage your towels. Use bleach sparingly, if at all.

Possible Side Effects

Do not wash different types of towels together. We suggest that you wash each color separately. NEVER wash white towels with colors. Stay away from fabric softener, as it reduces absorbency. Do not overload washer or dryer, it causes your towels’ fibers to weaken and possibly fray. Your towels’ useful life will also be shortened. Please do not bake your towels in the dryer. Commercial Gas dryers get VERY HOT! By “cooking” your towels you can do structural damage to the towels and they can get really hard.

The useful expectancy of the towels are will vary depending on use and how they are cared for, and your equipment. We will always look into any type of manufacturer defect. Please remember that we are buying thousands of dozens of the same towels, and we will also contact you if we hear of any other customer problems.

Microfiber Towels

Actually lift the dirt or wax from the surface you are cleaning and then store the particle or liquid in the towel until it is washed. Microfiber can be used wet or dry. When using Microfiber wet, it is very important to wring the towel as dry as possible. If a Microfiber towel is dripping water, it is too wet, and could leave streaks on the surface you are cleaning. REMEMBER…. WET IT—WRING IT—WIPE IT! If the Microfiber towel becomes too dirty, it will also begin to streak. It is then time to wash the towel. This is easily done by just throwing the towel into a washing machine and washing with any soap or detergent you prefer. However, there are four restrictions:

(1) Never wash Microfiber towels with other types of cotton towels… the Microfiber towel will treat the lint generated by the cotton towel like dirt and store the tiny cotton particles within the microfibers.

(2) Never use fabric softener. The Microfiber towel will accumulate fabric softener as if it were “Scotch Guard” (water repellant) and saturate the microfibers, reducing its effectiveness.

(3) Use low temperature when drying.

(4) Do not use chlorine bleach with microfiber.

You Must Wash & Machine Dry All Towels Before Their Use

Nothing will bang more lint out of the towel than a few good spin cycles in the dryer. Washing also makes your towels softer and more absorbent. Remember to clean the lint trap before and after each drying cycle. A good wash formula is 1 cup of white vinegar with ½ cup of detergent. This will help release lint, break the towels in, and keep them fresh. It is also useful to soak new towels in a cup of ammonia and several gallons of warm water. This will disolve any oils or treatments in the fabric that inhibit absorbency. Another good wash formula is 1 cup of ammonia with ½ of detergent. Keep in mind that colored towels, because of chemical penetration into the fiber, are less absorbent than white towels. Blended towels weighting 4.0 LB per dozen, with proper care, can last UP TO 15 times longer than most 100% cotton towels.

Texon Towel and Supply Guarantee

Texon Towel and Supply has been “doing what we do” for 39 years because we strive for customer satisfaction. If anything is not to your satisfaction, simply call us and we will speak to you regarding your issues. If you have unused products in the original packaging they must be returned within 30 days. Upon receipt of your return, we will issue your choice of credit towards another product, or replacement. Special order items are not returnable. Certain items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Our goal is to make your exchange or credit as easy as possible. Please allow 7 days after receipt of return to process your new order. Unless there is a manufacturer’s defect, shipping charges are not refundable. All used or washed merchandise is not returnable.

Before You Use These Products

Please carefully check your entire order immediately upon receipt. All claims for shortages must be made within 48 hours after receipt of order. Remember, there are no returns on “washed towels.” It is therefore vital to make a test-wash on your towels before placing all of your towels into service. Please thoroughly wash and machine dry one or two towels from your order. Try the towel(s) that you washed.

If you have any questions or concerns, immediately call Wayne Kotulic Sr. at 1-800-328-3966, before proceeding any further.

Note: Some of the information above is courtesy of our friend Dr. Joe.