Net Clip Laundry Bags

Laundry Bag Closures can make or break a bag system.  The Texon Net Bag with Alligator Clip Closure, grips the mesh webbing at the top of the bag to keep laundry bags closed, and players gear “in the bag.” Pins can get hot, and damage dryer drums.  Rubber Closures are very difficult to use when new, even if you have a player who benches 425 lbs trying to use them. While zipper bags are great too, zippers do break. The Net Clip is one of the best ways to close a laundry bag, Hands Down, Our Favorite. If you are using mesh laundry bags, you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

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  • 20″ x 30″ Mesh Laundry Bag w/ Gator Clips

  • 18″ x 30″ Mesh Laundry Bag w/ Gator Clips


Showing all 2 results